ETFs: The Basics

What are ETPs? How do they compare to mutual funds? How do I find the right ETP?

ETPs and Exchanges

From expenses to transparency: Explore the factors and features common to all ETPs regardless of strategy or asset class.

Asset Class Basics: A Primer on Common Investment Categories

ETPs offer investment exposure to everything from equities to soybeans to volatility: In this series we'll cover the basics of each asset class.

Counting the Cost

With ETP expenses, there's more than meets the eye: It's time to look beyond TER.

Collecting Companies: Equity Index Investing

There are many ways to group, categorize, and weight companies within a portfolio: Learn how some of the most popular approaches get the job done.

Bonding Exercises

Get familiar with the principles of fixed income investing.

Introduction to Commodities Investing

Commodities are a unique asset class with unique challenges: This primer will prepare you to jump into the asset class.

ETPs and the Taxman

Taxes are complicated: How can you maximize tax efficiency with ETPs?

ETP Ecosystem

From issuers to APs to exchanges, ETPs can seem a complex web of multiple firms all performing crucial tasks: Letís break down who does what and why.

Fixed Income: An Index Approach

The fixed income market is particularly difficult to track and measure: Learn how index providers get the job done.

ETPs: Beyond the Basics

Take your understanding of ETPs to the next level with these articles on the finer intricacies of ETPs.

Exposing Exposure

There's more than one way to gain exposure: Learn how ETFs do the job for you.

Risky Business?: Clearing the Air

It's time to clear the air regarding the risks associated with ETPs.

Everything Trading

After identifying the right ETP, the next step is execution: In this series we identify the potential perils and opportunities of trading ETPs.

Legal Structures Unlocked

From legal structures to regulation and taxes: A breakdown of the nitty gritty.